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Proper sexual education is extremely important. But unfortunately, it is not so easy to find good sites about it because Internet is full with sleazy, aggressive sites that dominate the search results. I want to share with you several sites about various topics of human intimacy which are informative, high quality,  not vulgar and don’t try to sell you anything. These are a must to read:

How To Have Sex

Sex can mean a lot of things, but for this purpose, it is defined as an act that involves a man inserting his erect penis inside the vagina of a woman. This happens when both partners are sexually attracted with one another usually after engaging in foreplay acts such as kissing, necking or cuddling. A good sign that both sides are ready for sex would be a man with its penis erect and women having a moist vagina. To… More on this site..

Cute Lingerie

With so many sexy and cute lingerie out on the market, it can be very overwhelming for anyone to choose just one or maybe two. The origins of this revealing, silky underwear started among the French, famous for their passion on food and fashion. Before, underwear for women was seen to be big and bulky. But because of the pioneering efforts of a Frenchwoman during the late 19th century, the earliest form of lingerie was created in the form of… Read more..

Her First Anal Sex

Although still considered as a sexual taboo, many couples are slowly introducing the concept of anal sex into their sex either out of curiosity or to take their intimacy to another level. Having anal sex with your wife or partner should be a pleasurable experience and something that requires openness and exploration for both sides. Here are some tried and tested tips to have a pleasurable and memorable experience for first-time couples wanting to engage in anal sex. The very… More on

Black Dildo

Art school has taught us that we can perceive objects depending on its color. For instance, the color red would signify excitement, blue for peace, green for relaxation and orange for warmth. This also works for some events like wedding where the bride wears a white bridal gown that signifies her pure and virginal appearance. On the other hand, there are some brides who go beyond the norm by wearing black wedding gowns especially for those with a somewhat gothic… Click here to continue..

Nipple Clamp

Using a nipple clamp is the best way to add new sensations and have a different sexual experience whether you are a married couple who wish to spice up their sex lives or those who pursue an alternative lifestyle and take pleasure when it comes to feeling pain. Although it is mostly attached to the nipple of men or women, a nipple clamp can also be used to experience erotic pain on other parts of the body including the clitoris…. Visit for more..

Cock Cage

A cock cage is a BDSM sex device that surrounds either just the penis or both the penis and testicles to enforce male chastity. Usually made from stainless steel, cock cages prevent the penis from becoming erect so that the wearer cannot engage in any sexual activities such as intercourse and masturbation. Cock cages can appear as a transparent plastic container that encloses the penis while the stainless steel one would be tightly wrapped around the penis and the testicles,… Visit for more..

Vibrators are becoming more advanced these days. Sex toy companies are coming up with many types, kinds, shapes and features for vibrators. One of the most advanced is the remote vibrator. Basically, a remote vibrator works the same as any other vibrator but it has a remote control. This device can be used without using the hands, which opens many possibilities. A remote vibrator can be for anal or vaginal use. Sometimes it comes equipped with the panties or thongs,… More on this page..

Free Gay Videos

There are many people who prefer a more alternative lifestyle when it comes to viewing pornography. It is not unusual these days to find several gay and lesbian sites appearing on the net since a lot of individuals would prefer for instance, seeing two men groping pleasuring each other in various forms of gay sexual acts. Similar to heterosexual porn sites, interest in gay and lesbian videos dramatically increased upon the arrival of the Internet that allowed, even the curious,… To read more click here…

Let’s be honest: black women are sexy and voluptuous. Wow, what a babe! It’s no wonder there is so much interest in hot nude black women. But what makes a lot of people want to view black women in all their naked glory? One reason might be the way they are stereotypically portrayed among films and shows – as being so sexy and desirable. For black women, viewing them nude enhances the notion of these women being seductive, alluring and… Click here to read more..

First Time Anal

It’s quite normal for men to ask their girlfriends, wives or same-sex partners to have anal sex. The different yet exciting sensations being felt by both parties makes anal sex an interesting sexual experience. But more often than not, women would turn them down especially for those who have not experimented on having a dick up on their anus. This can be very frustrating but the truth is, most women are curious enough to try it. The reason why they… Find out more…

A happy ending during massage occurs when a sensual massage ends with a hand job and ejaculation. Normal sex is discouraged considering there are some massage parlors that charge by the minutes allotted for the massage and that the space is massage parlors often cramped and may not have enough space to have sex. Sex in massage parlors is also illegal in many jurisdictions as opposite to hand jobs. So any sexual contact would be either a hand job or… Click here to read more..

Swinger Wife

There are several ways to introduce your wife or girlfriend to swinging lifestyle. Swinging is still considered a taboo for many societies and that it still remains underground to this day. Nonetheless, swinging is a great way to engage in sexual activities while at the same time become sociable with other people. Couple who participate in swinging activities may have a variety of reason why they go through it. A number of couples would recommend this as a means to… Find out more…

Male Sex Dolls

Combining technology and the need to be sexually satisfied, male sex dolls were created to ensure that only the best and most pleasurable sexual encounter can be achieved even without a live partner. Although considered to be fake and simulated, the cutting edge technology and near-realism feel when purchasing male sex dolls helps you get over those times when you feel that loneliness is creeping up on you or that you are tired begging your former lover to come back…. Find out more…

Sex Position

People seem to be very passionate with sex positions. New positions and postures can lead to a better sex. Positions are wonderful ways to add spice and sparks in relationships.It is a shame that we only knew few sex positions but yet there are so many positions that can be so exciting to explore that could give us a happy and fabulous experience about sex. With a small knowledge and vocabulary about sex positions you can add in your glossary… Visit for more..

Holy Fuck

Nowadays, there have been several verbal expressions used by people to express various emotions like anger, happiness, regret, excitement and the like. One of the most widely used expression is Holy Fuck. Basically, it falls under the part of speech: interjection. It is used as an idiomatic and vulgar slang word to express different emotions such as overpowering fear, surprise, shock, a mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread and wonder; and a lot more. Mostly, this expression is used when… To read more click here…

Shit Sex

Sexual activity involving defecating and playing with turds is called scat, or simply shit sex. This is the kind of things you wouldn’t do every day, but there is nothing wrong with trying it with your sex partner at least once - to spice up your sex life and to see if this is for you. Some men and women enjoy shit sex once in a while. Many more people only dream about it, never having the courage… More on this site..

Fuck You Quotes

Fuck You Quotes “They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had / And add some extra, just for you.” Philip Larkin quotes “Will Smith don’t got to cuss in his raps to sell records - well I do, so fuck him and fuck you too” Eminem quotes “I’m going to do damage with it. I’ll make sure that my work gets out. That no… Find out more…

Are you indulged with anal sex? In some countries they practice both type of sex. They found it exciting and pleasurable. Anal sex orscientifically referred to rectal sex generally been taboo since the middle ages. Anal sex commonly it refers to sex act involving the insertion of penis into the anus of the partner. There is always misconception about anal sex; people think it is almost exclusive with men gays practiced. But according to the researchers not just gays engaged… Continue reading..

When it comes to sex, women are becoming more expressive and liberated. According to a recent survey, most women would prefer having a relationship with another woman, with a younger guy or even with married men as opposed to having a relationship with a single man. It’s not surprising that many women would prefer having a sexual relationship with another woman. Images of women fucking other women boggles the mind as here are some of the reasons why. First, women… Click here to read more..

Fuck It Quotes

Fuck It Quotes “For me every song’s like pussy so fuck it” Lil Wayne quotes “Its about to go down.. My mom told me to tell you! To mind your damn motherfucking business bitch, you lil’ stupid bitch , dumb teacher bitch, 2+2 not knowin’ what the fuck it is bich, cross eyed cryin’ down your back fat foot ass bitch, long titty no nipple havin’ ass bich! An the crazy shit its my friends in the background OHHHH OHHHH… Click here to continue..